You may not have asked but I am going to tell you anyway. With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I would share some gift ideas that I am sure the woman in your life will appreciate.

I am going to break these recommendations up by theme because there is a lot that needs to be shared for those who think flowers, candy, dollar store items, and the little winky dos in the target dollar aisle are the best gifts moms want to receive. Rather than call you out; I am just going to help you out. Here is one recommendation to give the woman in your life one of the best gifts ever.

First, we love our children, we really do. But we eat dinner with them everyday. So going out to dinner with you and all the children so that we can manage daily interactions that we do on a consistent basis — — is not our ideal of an splendid mother’s day.

Instead we would prefer dinner all by our damn selves or with our girlfriends. This dinner would consists of laughs, inappropriate behaviors and convo, and lots of alcoholic beverages. After which, we sleep until we freaking feel like it and not have to do a damn thing the next day. This is called the “Let me have some darn time to myself because I love y’all and want to keep it that way Mother’s Day Package”.

This is even better if you pay for it all. And by the way, add some shopping dollars to it.

You’re Welcome!

Share with the gift givers who have no freakin idea what to get their special woman who happens to take 90% of the responsibility for making sure your children turn out sane and healthy.



Unapologetic Black Woman, Policy Professional, Activist, Lover of Politics, Mom of Twins, Doctoral Student, Writer

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