The Woman Who Cried Pig Feet

For quite a few years a daughter received many calls from her mother. Many times the calls come during her work hours, hours she’s busy caring for her children, or other times when she is unavailable to chat. When she answered or returned the calls, the exchange is usually a request for something that can wait or of no great importance. Given the strained relationship of the daughter and her mom, the daughter often does not prioritize accepting the calls or returning them.

One day the daughter received a call just like many times before. Anticipating the same outcome, she sent it to the voicemail. As fate would have it, this call was indeed serious. The daughter responded by rushing to the hospital to check on her mother. After the medical emergency, the daughter thought maybe she should pay more attention to these calls. So, she did. Quickly those calls returned to what they always were — random musings and requests. So the daughter decided that she too would. return to the way she responded to them.

Many months passed and the calls started once again but less frequently. So the daughter decided to oblige the mother and take the calls. Though the daughter found them to be challenging, she decided to take the calls realizing that it may be the only way. that her estranged mother could communicate.

One morning the daughter received a call at 7:38 AM. She saw her mother’s name displayed on the screen. She hesitated to answer but quickly recalled the previous situation which was indeed an emergency. She answers. And on the other end, she hears,

“I need you to do me a favor.” The daughter confused and baffled, replies, “what is it”. There was a pause. The daughter thinks to herself, does she need a kidney or something. Because it is quite early for a call that is not of a serious nature.

After a brief pause, the mother states her request.

“Can you order me a pig feet dinner from Mama Mary’s at 1:00 PM”

The daughter says, “I’ll call you back”



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