• Dr. Robert Zeitlin

    Dr. Robert Zeitlin

    Dad, husband, Positive Psychologist, author of "Laugh More, Yell Less," co-host of "I Am The Worst Parent Ever" podcast, TEDx talk “Embrace Your Superpowers”

  • Nicole Denise

    Nicole Denise

    Writer. Author. Content Creator. Intellectual. Feeler. All Black Everything.

  • Ananda Leeke l Thriving Mindfully Coach + Author

    Ananda Leeke l Thriving Mindfully Coach + Author

    Thriving Mindfully Coach, Artist, Author, Human Design Doula & Interfaith Reverend: I inspire + in-power you to be present, well & the REAL YOU!

  • Fuze The Mc

    Fuze The Mc

    once called Dopest Nigga of the Year - Big Boi(of Outkast) Founder of #NobleBlackSociety |XXL & MTV FEATURED| ATL - DC

  • KnowUs.io


    Automatic Personality Test for you and your Gmail contacts - free for a limited time http://www.knowus.io/ @devpost: http://bit.ly/1L08mjN

  • Lisa Bass Cooper

    Lisa Bass Cooper

    Versatile communicator. Content marketing architect. Political-tech-small business blogger. Entrepreneur. Health equity advocate.

  • Staci J. Shelton

    Staci J. Shelton

    Performance Consultant. Breaker of Chains. Alchemist. Yarn Freak. I ask the questions that matter.

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